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As life takes twists and turns just like a great book, Libra, book 4 in my series is here! I’m so excited about this release, and though I’ll tell you the excitement of each release never gets old, this book is special. For one, I got to play with “book” grandchildren, lol, not having my own. Yes, it’s true, we writers project what we want for our own lives into our novels. You’ve heard the expression or something like, “Don’t get a writer mad, they’ll put you in a book.” Well, it’s on point the other way around also. This is a shorter blog than I usually write. I wanted to announce the birth of Libra after a long labor, fourteen months between contract and release, and I wanted to show you the back cover blurb. I’ll be blogging more about the characters as they love to do interviews, and show you excerpts later on. Following is the back cover blurb.

Forty-eight hours ago, a serial murder case that spanned nine years ended. Or did it?

Four children intrude upon the scene of the suicide of Henry Slater, claiming he’s their dad. Dr. Frank Khaos and Detective Sam Wright become their temporary guardians. The goal—to find the children’s biological mothers. Or has Henry Slater added them to his dossier of kills? Through the investigation, the NYPD detectives and FBI Special Agent Brett Case uncover a kidnapping ring and do find the mothers, but are they fit—and willing to take their children back? As Sam and Frank fall in love with them over nine weeks, and the reality sets in, Libra, the Scale of Justice kicks their butts. What’s right for the children is against the law.

Another case falls into Agent Case’s lap. A murder spree and drug involvement with Jarrett Miller, Vicki Trenton’s first husband. To make matters worse, Miller has ties to the biological parents of Dr. Khaos whom he has to travel to Florida to confront as a stipulation to the execution of Slater’s will.

How will Frank deal with the two people who’ve been his Achilles’ heel his entire life, and will he and Sam get the family they desire so much?

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